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Bible Lesson Quarterly


Bible Lesson Quarterly

This bound publication includes an entire quarter of YD Bible lessons. The quarterly is ideal for distribution to class members at the beginning of the quarter so that even when they cannot attend class, they will be able to study their lesson. Excellent resource for teachers, as well.


Available to order:

  • Jan-Mar '20 - The Blessings
    • Christ’s blessings, or Beatitudes, can revitalize our spiritual lives and bring blessings to our homes, churches, and communities.
    • Program Theme: Cosmic Explorations.
      Learn how the remarkable wonders of outer space offer a powerful confirmation of a mighty intelligence behind our complex and diverse universe.
  • Apr-June '20 - Mount of Blessings
    • This quarter continues a study of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, this time focusing on Matthew 6 and 7, including the Lord’s Prayer, the importance of motives, and truths and judging and doing.
    • Program Theme: Weather Watchers
      A fascinating study of weather, including clouds, precipitation, and extreme weather, along with spiritual applications.


A limited supply of back issues are available here.