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2022 Q1 & Q2 "Train Them Now" Version of Truth 4 Youth


2022 Q1 & Q2 "Train Them Now" Version of Truth 4 Youth

For use only with the Hope Within You series of Sabbath School lessons, 2018 Quarter 1 & Quarter 2.

This condensed evangelistic program for children is targeted at training your young people to become child evangelists.
The program correlates with the weekly lessons in Young Disciple's Hope Within You Bible lesson series. Starting with the second week of the quarter, we recommend that class members take turns presenting a weekly message from the Truth 4 Youth Train Them Now program to the rest of the class as part of your Sabbath School program.
  • The Train Them Now program is a shortened version of the Truth 4 Youth series without songs, crafts, review activities, or expanded memory verse learning. 
  • Although Sabbath School students can themselves learn from hearing the presentations, a primary goal of incorporating this series into your Sabbath School program is to train and provide experience to class members so that your class can later present the Truth 4 Youth program to a group of children as an evangelistic outreach.
  • The presentations are the same topics, in the same order, as those frequently given in an adult evangelistic series. After the first week, they also correlate with each week’s Young Disciple Bible lesson for 2018 Quarter 1 & Quarter 2 (Hope Within You series).
  • See the Hope Within You Program Helps for additional information on using this program in your Sabbath School.
Because the Hope Within You Bible lessons continue through 2018 Quarter 2, your Truth 4 Youth Train Them Now disc includes programs for both quarters.