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Absolute Surrender—Light 4 Learners



Absolute Surrender—Light 4 Learners

We hear a lot about surrendering our will to God; Light 4 Learners Absolute Surrender lessons make it practical!

  1. Divine Magnet (Surrendering to Christ's drawing love)
  2. Moment by Moment (Staying surrendered by Faith)
  3. The Power of Surrender (Strength through surrender)
  4. Whose Way? (Waiting on God's plans)
  5. Peter's Path to Power (Conversion)
  6. Impossible Possibilities (Struggle with self & sin)
  7. Way of Victory (Our own efforts always end in failure)
  8. Flesh—or Spirit? (We need God's help every step of the way)
  9. The School of Christ (School teaches us to let Holy Spirit guide us)
  10. Kept by the Power of God (Letting God keep us in His way)
  11. Kept Through Faith (Necessity of trusting)
  12. The Vine (Abiding in Christ)
  13. Branches of the Vine (Abiding in Christ; Bearing fruit)