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Christ Object Lessons—Light 4 Learners



Christ Object Lessons—Light 4 Learners

Discover how the deep lessons in Christ’s parables reach straight to the heart to prepare us for Heaven.

  1. Sowing the Seed (You reap what you sow; Receiving God's Word)
  2. All Kinds of Soil (The world; Things that prevent good seed from growing; Surrender)
  3. Good Ground (Receiving the Word; Continual growth; God's power to help us grow)
  4. Tares! (False Christians/ hypocrites; Don't judge others/we can't see the heart)
  5. Small Beginnings (God's word grows in us like a mustard seed; Death to self; Leaven of grace)
  6. Treasure! (Earthly treasure vs heavenly treasure; Seeking Jesus)
  7. Asking for Bread (Asking to give; Persistence in prayer)
  8. Two at the Temple (Self-righteousness; Realizing our need Humility)
  9. The Widow and the Judge (Determined prayers; Jesus our advocate; Waiting on God)
  10. Seeking the Lost (Good Shepherd; Lost sheep; Seeking the lost)
  11. Lost and Found (Prodigal Son; Repentance; Forgiveness)
  12. Highways and Hedges (Invitation; Excuses/idols; Hungering after righteousness)
  13. Seventy Times Seven (Forgiving others)
  14. Treasures New and Old (Treasure of God's Word; Sharing the treasure)
  15. Saying and Doing (Obeying; Saying and doing)
  16. The Lord's Vineyard (Bearing fruit; Showing God's character to the world; God's people)
  17. No Garment (No excuse; Wedding garment/Christ's righteousness; Opportunity to accept salvation)
  18. Talents! (Everyone has talents; Use your talents; Spiritual gifts)
  19. Gifts Galore! (Using talents wisely; Influence)
  20. Three Servants (Helping others)
  21. Who Is My Neighbor? (Loving others; Who is my neighbor?)
  22. Workers for the Vineyard (Reason for serving; Rewards)
  23. Waiting for the Bridegroom (Being ready; Filled with the Spirit)
  24. Light in the Darkness (Filled with the Spirit; Witnessing)
  25. The Light of Life (Receiving Jesus; Blind man healed)
  26. Divine Shepherd (Jesus - compassionate Shepherd; His love; His work for us)