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Naturally Healthy


Naturally Healthy

No evangelism series is complete without the right arm of the gospel: Health. With a new, lower price, we want you to have no excuse for not sharing these 13 fun and interactive health & lifestyle topics! Format is similar to the Truth 4 Youth program, with scripts you present combined with on-screen illustrations your audience will see. The 10-minute programs are perfect for children's evangelistic series, Vacation Bible Schools, and story hours. Excellent for elementary schools, as well! You will need a computer to access the scripts. In addition to the PowerPoint slides, we've also included program slides that can be shown using a DVD player (English only).

Here are the Program Names and Themes:

1. "Get Air" (Air)
2. "Let the Sun Shine In!" (Sunlight)
3. "Wild, Wet, and Wonderful!" (Water)
4. "Get Moving" (Exercise)
5. "Sweet Dreams!" (Rest)
6. "Up in Smoke!" (Tobacco)
7. "Brain Drain!" (Alcohol and Drugs)
8. "Hands Off!" (Cleanliness)
9. "Mission for Nutrition!" (Nutrition)
10. "Keep that Smile!" (Dental Hygiene)
11. "Pernicious Plot!" (Lifestyle Choices)
12. "Let Go!" (Trust in God)
13. "Betcha Can!" (Habits)

Available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish