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Crown of Creation—Light 4 Learners



Crown of Creation—Light 4 Learners

In Light 4 Learners Crown of Creation lessons, discover how the Sabbath, God’s crowning act of creation, is a symbol of God’s power to save and redeem. 

  1. The God of Creation (Redemption; Creation; Conversion)
  2. The Word of the Lord (Righteousness by faith; Power of God's word)
  3. Building on Christ (Christ our foundation; Hearing and doing; Character building)
  4. In the Beginning (Light out of darkness; Trust God)
  5. Lessons from Creation (Yielding to God; His power to save us and create something out of nothing)
  6. The Seventh Day (The Sabbath; Memorial of creation)
  7. A Day to Remember (How to keep the Sabbath)
  8. Examples Before Us (Sabbathkeeping; Jesus our example)
  9. The Law & the Sabbath (Obedience from the heart; Making Sabbath a delight)
  10. Arguments & Objections (Proof of the Sabbath; New covenant Grace)
  11. The Seal of God (God's Law in our hearts; Choose Jesus)
  12. The Final Test (Preparing for the final test; Importance and blessings of trials)
  13. Of All the Week the Best (Making Sabbath special)