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Daniel the Prophet—Light 4 Learners



Daniel the Prophet—Light 4 Learners

Light 4 Learners Daniel the Prophet lessons give an introduction to Bible prophecy while taking an exciting trip through the book of Daniel.

  1. Introduction to Prophecy (Prophecy)
  2. The Small Test (Health)
  3. The Forgotten Dream (Prayer)
  4. Test on the Plain of Dura (Standing for God)
  5. Testimony of a King (Pride)
  6. Handwriting on the Wall (Judgment)
  7. Daniel's Great Test (Worship; obedience)
  8. Four Great Beasts (God rules)
  9. Time of Judgment (Judgment)
  10. 2,300 Days (We are in the time of the end)
  11. Seventy Weeks (Prayer; angels)
  12. Scroll of the Future (Prophecy)
  13. As the Stars Forever (Eternal Life)