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Hope Within You—Light 4 Learners



Hope Within You—Light 4 Learners

Hope Within You Light 4 Learners lessons will help prisoners know for themselves what they believe, and be able to share their faith with others.

  1. Be Ready! (Studying; Memorizing; Ready to witness)
  2. How to Know the Future (Prayer; God Knows the Future; Pride/Acknowledging God: Resolving to be Faithful)
  3. The End of the World (Signs of End; Blessings in Suffering; Be Ready for 2nd Coming)
  4. The Great Battle (Origin of Sin; Choose Jesus)
  5. Can We Trust the Bible? (The Bible Trust God's Word)
  6. The Plan of Salvation (Plan of Salvation; Grace)
  7. He's Coming! (2nd coming; Prepare for Christ's Coming)
  8. The Sanctuary (Sanctuary; Redemption; Mercy; Sanctification)
  9. Judgment! (The Judgment: Cleansing from Sin; Sanctification)
  10. Law of Love (The Law; Obedience)
  11. A Day to Remember (Sabbath)
  12. Truth--or Tradition? (Hypocrites; Truth over Tradition)
  13. Knowing God (Bible Study; Knowing God)
  14. One Thousand Years (Millennium; Heaven)
  15. Souls & Spirits (Death; Spiritual Death/Life)
  16. New Life in Christ (Baptism; New life in Christ; Dying to Self)
  17. Fire and Ashes (Hell; God's love)
  18. God's Health Plan (Health; Self-control)
  19. 38,000 Choices (How to Know the Truth; Trust God's Word; Follow the Light)
  20. Two Babylons (Literal/Spiritual Babylon; Worship God)
  21. God's Remnant (The Remnant; Jesus our Foundation)
  22. The Savior's Stewards (Stewardship; Faithfulness; We are God's Temples)
  23. Two Marks (Mark of beast; Choose God; God's Law in our Hearts)
  24. America in Prophecy (End Times; Sunday Law; False/True Worship)
  25. The Sin God Can't Forgive (Unpardonable Sin; Holy Spirit; Repentance)
  26. The Celestial City (Heaven; God's Glory)