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James Bookmarks


James Bookmarks

Aided by Young Disciple’s Bible Memory Bookmarks, youth around the world have been inspired to hide God’s Word in their hearts, one chapter at a time. But why stop with a chapter?

In 2013, an enthusiastic young group has purposed to do just that. In preparation for Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC) 2014, they are in the process of working towards memorizing the entire book of James (and Revelation!) by the end of the year. 

It's never too late to join them in memorizing this important book! Practically indestructible, they are perfect for tucking into a book or pocket, or even a quick review in the shower!

  • Waterproof material
  • Colorful background
  • Text from the King James Version
  • Easy-to-read
  • Easy-to-use initial letter method provides just the right amount of challenge to make memorization a breeze!
  • Initial letter system includes punctuation.

While a normal set of bookmarks would cost $9, we are making it available for $4!

Are you ready for the challenge? Let YD help you reach your goal!