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Light 4 Learners—YD Bible Lessons for Prisoners



Light 4 Learners—YD Bible Lessons for Prisoners

People ministering in prisons find that many inmates are youthful, or have immature minds due to years of crime or abuse.

The Young Disciple Bible Lessons have been a perfect fit for many prisoners. They love them—they can understand them—and find them well suited to learning and growing in Christ. Many prisoners are now Seventh-day Adventist Christians as a result of studying the Young Disciple Bible Lessons.

Light 4 Learners is these Young Disciple Bible Lessons reformatted, edited, and improved to be even more appropriate and successful for use in prison ministry. 

  • The actual photos and names of children have been replaced by avatars and pseudonyms. 
  • References to "Sabbath School", "parents", “class”, "driving to church", and things like that have been replaced with concepts and phrases that are appropriate in a prison setting.
  • On the front is a place for the inmate's Department of Corrections number.
  • Staples have been removed to make them acceptable to prison wardens.
  • And the lessons have been converted to loose-leaf format for one-by-one distribution. 

More lessons are currently being edited and will appear here in the near future:

  • Absolute Surrender
  • The Power of Prayer
  • And more!

Testimonies are coming back from prisoners that these Bible lessons have been the best they have ever used.

Isn't it time you gave the Light 4 Learners lessons a try to see if they can revolutionize your prison ministry too?!