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Moody Science Adventures


Moody Science Adventures

Delight and stretch young minds with three 1-hour DVDs, each containing six 10-minute segments that explore the marvels and mysteries of science and God's creation. These DVDs are also recommended for use with the Truth 4 Youth evangelistic series for kids.

Disc 1. Flying on Wings of Beauty. God's awesome and simultaneously intricate workmanship is clearly seen in the magnificent, yet lightweight butterfly. On Machines of Beauty you will be mesmerized at the depiction of a seed bursting into a full-grown plant. In Somewhere Out There, the mysteries of the planets in our solar system will be explored through children's eyes. The Long Journey. Follow along with the instincts of salmon as they fight all the odds to make their final journey home. Then explore the vital role our bloodstream plays in the sustenance of our bodies in Streams of Life. And, Life on the Move traces the pathway a tiny seed must travel if it can fulfill its destiny to become a mature plant.

Disc 2. The Clown-Faced Carpenter. He may look like a clown, but the woodpecker's work provides food for the whole forest. Also, be transported to a galaxy far, far away on a fantastic Journey to the Stars. And come to a new understanding of the earth's most crucial, life-giving substance in Water Water Everywhere. The Wonder of You. Explore the inner workings of your very own body with an intricate tour or the skeleton, brain, eye, heart and more—see how a loving Creator's hand is undeniable in your being. In A Mystery Story a caterpillar keeps his true identity secret until the last climactic moment. And in A Matter of Taste catch animals at their most exhilarating moments—catching their dinner.

Disc 3. In The Power of Plants, watch as a flower splits the sidewalk with mind-boggling strength and then see time-lapse photography reveal the secrets behind God's beautiful gardening work. In It's a Small World go exploring in the fascinating world of microorganisms. And then view the award-winning biographical piece about the most active of insects, Busy as a Bee. In Treasure Hunt, gain a new appreciation for God's intimate crafting of the material world as you follow miners in search of buried treasure. Watch out for a close-up look at the fins, fur and feathers of all kinds in Animals Move. And then don't be afraid as you pay a visit to the feared, but sometimes friendly world of the Eight-Legged Engineer.