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Moody Science Classics


Moody Science Classics

Each of these videos examines another marvel of nature and reveals how the wonders of creation illuminate and illustrate an important gospel truth! Your family will want to watch these videos again and again, and share them with your friends!

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Individual Video Descriptions:

  • City of the Bees. In this video, you'll learn how these amazing insects live and work. You'll see their police patrols, sanitation squads, and air conditioning systems, plus so much more!
  • Dust or Destiny. You'll marvel at some of the world's most astonishing natural wonders. Learn how each of them gives fervent testimony to the fact that this planet was not formed from ordinary dust, but from the loving hands of a living God.
  • Experience with an Eel. The electric eel lives in the fresh waters of the Amazon basin. It can give an electrical discharge capable of killing a horse. This eel can locate fish by means of "radar," then capture its prey by knocking it out with a violent shock of electricity.
  • Facts of Faith. Witness a whole series of sophisticated scientific experiments all designed to demonstrate some powerful spiritual truths. If you enjoy science, this video is just the one for you!
  • God of Creation. A creeping caterpillar takes wing as a graceful butterfly. Flowers open their blooms before your eyes. a twinkling point of light reveals a solar system millions of light-years away. It's all the work of the God of Creation.
  • God of the Atom. Energy, the equivalent of mass, is the key to the atomic age. The idea expressed is actually quite simple, but has caused a great revolution in scientific thinking.
  • Hidden Treasures. God has given us so many wonderful things, from big to small. In Hidden Treasures you'll explore the beauty of a simple snow crystal. Marvel at a lone desert flower too tiny for the sharpest eye to see, and much more!
  • Journey of Life. Witness a fantastic voyage through floods, fire, and storms. A valiant struggle for survival against impossible odds. All performed by a perfectly ordinary, yet truly remarkable creation: the simple seed.
  • Mystery of the Three Clocks. Mystery of the Three Clocks presents a set of laboratory experiments based upon the mystery of these three "clocks." Find out what they are!
  • Of Books and Sloths. The sloth, nature's champion sluggard, is one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. Once regarded as a "blunder of nature," it is actually a fascinating creature.
  • Prior Claim. Did you know that many of man's most ingenious inventions have been borrowed from God's original design in nature? This video will take you on a journey to discover something unique about the Venus Flytrap.
  • Professor and the Prophets. Did the Bible prophets speak by divine authority or from imagination? What chance do human predictions have of coming true and how do fulfilled Bible prophecies compare?
  • Red River of Life. Step inside the most complex factory ever designed, with thirty trillion cylinders. Powered by a pump that's far superior to the finest steel.
  • Signposts Aloft. A tiny plane is lost in the clouds. The struggling pilot banks a turn to escape the dense cloud cover. His senses deceive him, telling him the plane has stopped turning. He turns the plane harder—but the nose drops. Speed picks up. Suddenly he is caught in a downward spiral, the graveyard spin.
  • Time and Eternity. In Time and Eternity, you're going to explore the mystery of time in the laboratory. Using a super high-speed camera nicknamed a "time microscope" and a time-lapse camera, Dr. Irwin Moon teaches about time.
  • Voice of the Deep. Take a trip beneath the sea to discover many strange facts about a little known world.
  • Where the Waters Run. Water is the vital compound we need for live. Where the Waters Run takes a fresh look at this unique natural resource. You'll find out why ice floats when most frozen substances sink, and how water rises in the trunks of trees, working against the pull of gravity.
  • Windows of the Soul. Can you always trust your five senses to tell the truth? have you ever "seen" the odor of an onion? Windows of the Soul answers these questions and many more through unusual and entertaining experiments.