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Mount of Blessing—Light 4 Learners



Mount of Blessing—Light 4 Learners

Light 4 Learners Mount of Blessing lessons is a study of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, focusing on Matthew 6 and 7. Lessons include the Lord’s Prayer and the importance of right motives.

  1. Secrets of the Kingdom (Motives; Prayer)
  2. The Lord's Perfect Prayer (Prayer)
  3. Our Daily Needs (Daily needs/ Forgiveness)
  4. Deliver Us! (Temptation /victory)
  5. Choices (Where are your treasures?)
  6. First Things First (Worry; Putting God first)
  7. Judgment on Judging (Judging)
  8. Hypocrites, Dogs, and Swine (Judging; Hypocrites)
  9. Ask! Seek! Knock! (Prayer; Gifts)
  10. The Golden Rule (Putting others first)
  11. Two Ways (Choices; Whose will?
  12. Fruits of Love (Obedience)
  13. Building on the Rock (Obeying God's Word)