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Path to the Throne—Light 4 Learners



Path to the Throne—Light 4 Learners

In Light 4 Learners Path to the Throne, discover how the beautiful wilderness sanctuary, constructed according to God's specifications, illustrated in striking detail every part of the plan of salvation.

  1. The First Promise (Sin / Savior)
  2. God's Three Books (Gospel; God with us; Salvation)
  3. Wise and Willing Hearts (Sacrifice /Giving talents / Temptation)
  4. The Way (God of order; Jesus the way; Salvation; Surrender; Forgiveness)
  5. Blessings in the Courtyard (Consecration; Forgiveness; Temptation; Law; Sin; Jesus the sin bearer)
  6. The Sanctuary (Sanctification; Jesus the way; Christian character; Bible study; prayer; witnessing)
  7. Inside the Holy Place (Sanctification; God's Word; prayer; Witnessing; Holy Spirit)
  8. Beyond the Courtyard (Sanctification; Christ's righteousness; faith; grace)
  9. The Throne Room (Mercy; law; God's character)
  10. The Day of Atonement (Confession; repentance; forgiveness; cleansing)
  11. The Sanctuary in Heaven (Redemption; intercessor; judgment; Holy Spirit)
  12. Before the Throne (Sin; cleansing; judgment; confession; choice)
  13. To the Throne (Trouble; 2nd coming; heaven; praise)