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Program Helps

You are all too aware that it takes only a few seconds to lose their attention. You long to lead each one in your class to Christ—but how do you put together a program that will not only spark their interest, but help them grow spiritually?

There's no question about it: Teaching juniors and earliteens can be a challenge. However, it is also a great opportunity for ministry—and it can become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

As a division leader, you can do much to influence your class to choose Christ and His Kingdom. Yet you have little more than an hour a week—and you want to make every minute count.

Even if you feel like you're just not an "idea person," take heart. In the Young Disciple Program Helps, you'll find suggestions for everything from room décor to organizing your program. Included are ideas for song service, prayer time, missions, Bible memory activities, sword drills, and a weekly special feature. You'll also find a section especially for leaders of older youth.


Available to order:

  • Apr-Jun '22 - Hope Within You #2
    • These lessons help young people know for themselves what they believe, and prepare them to share their faith with others.
    • Program Theme: Young Evangelists
      More weekly training in public speaking techniques, along with hands-on practice, using the Train Them Now! version of YD’s Truth 4 Youth evangelistic program.
  • Jul-Sept '22 - The Power of Prayer
    • These lessons highlight the enormous privilege of prayer, and includes many practical ways to use this gift more abundantly.
    • Program Theme: Garden of Prayer
      You and your students will experience what it means to really pray, as you apply the principles gleaned from the YD Bible lessons to real-life situations.


A limited supply of back issues are available here.