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Project Kit: Yoruba Mission


Project Kit: Yoruba Mission

Simply stated, the Truth 4 Youth program in Yoruba is needed to help the West-Central Africa Division reach its goal of reaching five million children for Christ. African youth have already been trained to present the Truth 4 Youth program; but at present, they have the Truth 4 Youth program only in English and French—and many children in West-Central Africa do not speak these languages. At least 500 copies of the Yoruba program are needed to reach children in Yoruba-speaking areas.

West-Central Africa is one of the poorest regions on Earth. Church members are willing to do the work, but they need our help to obtain the programs. By joining the Yoruba Mission Project, a single Sabbath School class, family, or Bible study group can provide the tools to bring thousands of children to Christ!

The FREE Yoruba Mission Project Kit gives you the promotional tools needed to inspire your group toward a fundraising goal. Included are a project a banner, map of the West-Central Africa Division, and goal sheet to place on your wall. Self-denial boxes remind your group to give sacrificially, and mini Truth 4 Youth/Yoruba sleeve covers mark your progress toward your goal. Record slips are included for Sabbath Schools using the mission project as an incentive to daily Bible study.

Request your FREE project kit to encourage your class to invest in the lives of Yoruba-speaking children in Africa!