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Steps to Christ—Light 4 Learners



Steps to Christ—Light 4 Learners

These Light 4 Learners lessons, based on Steps to Christ by Ellen White, present simple, practical principles leading to Heaven.

  1. Limitless Love (God's Love)
  2. Our Great Need (Our Need; Salvation)
  3. Turning Around (Repentance)
  4. Making Things Right (Confession)
  5. One Hundred Percent (100% Commitment; Surrender)
  6. Faith! Conversion! Victory! (Faith)
  7. New Life in Christ (The Test; True Conversion)
  8. Growing in Christ (Growing; Abiding in Christ)
  9. Working With Christ (Christian Work; Witnessing; Self-sacrificing Love)
  10. A Knowledge of God (Bible Study; Knowing Jesus; Beholding Him)
  11. The Privilege of Prayer (Prayer)
  12. Doing Away with Doubt (Doubt; Trusting God)
  13. Rejoice in the Lord (Joy)