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The Power of Prayer—Light 4 Learners



The Power of Prayer—Light 4 Learners

Light 4 Learners The Power of Prayer lessons highlight the enormous privilege of prayer, and includes many practical ways to use this gift more abundantly.

  1. Powerful Prayer (Power of Prayer; Blessings from Prayer; Beholding Christ)
  2. The Privilege of Prayer (Effectual Fervent Prayer)
  3. Priceless Blessings (Pray for Others; Prayer a Defense Against Sin)
  4. The Believers' Secret (Enter God's Presence In Prayer; Reverence/Respect/Awe)
  5. Power-Packed Prayers (Pray Earnestly; United Prayer; Holy Spirit's Leading/Help in Prayer)
  6. Our Father's Pleasure (Obedience a Condition to Answered Prayer; Pleasing God)
  7. Anything Whatsoever! (Pray Believing; Loving God; Faith)
  8. Confidence! (Claim Promises; Asking with Faith; Prayer for Sick)
  9. Praying in the Spirit (Filled with the Spirit/God's Words)
  10. When Nothing Happens (Keep Praying; Faith vs Presumption)
  11. Stumbling Blocks (Blocks to prayer: Neglect of Prayer, Idols, Sin, Unforgiving Spirit, Stinginess)
  12. Fellowship with the Father (Pray More; Abide with Christ; Praise/Thank God)
  13. Making It Real (Wait on the Lord; Confess; Listen; Intercede; Thank)